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Javanese Muslim Wedding Dress

For Muslim women from Java province, if they are married, they will be told to wear their local clothes when they are married. Javanese traditional clothes for women are quite open on the sleeves, but for Muslim women now do not need to worry because now there are many Javanese traditional wedding dresses specifically for Muslim women.

If you are from Java and want to marry the provincial customs, here are 5 traditional Javanese Muslim wedding dresses:

1. Javanese Muslim Muslim Bride Wedding Dress

Javanese traditional Muslim wedding dresses can be created from kebaya or batik which are synonymous with Javanese culture. Javanese traditional wedding dresses are usually synonymous with kebaya, but what is feared is that kebaya is usually thin and transparent and this is very incompatible with Islam. For that you need to get around this in various ways, for example using a plain cuff with long sleeves that have the same color as kebaya. While batik cloth is usually quite safe, meaning it is not transparent. It depends on you creating the batik cloth so that it becomes a dress that adds to your charm on your wedding day. read more



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