The Cheapest and Biggest Tourist Places in Singapore

Singapore is a place that has extraordinary beauty. There are a lot of Indonesians who want to vacation in the Thousand and One Ban. Why Singapore can be dubbed as the Thousand and One-Ban Country, because in Singapore is a country that always cares about the cleanliness that occurs in its environment. The country is disciplined, clean and is among the developed countries even though the country is not as advanced as other countries. Therefore, Singapore received the nickname of the Thousand and One Ban. We may not know much about the Singapore country. There are many features in this country, for example, the Cheapest and Biggest Tourism in Singapore. Therefore, before we discuss the main topic, we dig first about Singapore.

Singapore is a country found on the island off the edge of the Malay Peninsula. The country is separated by Malaysia and Riau Islands, Indonesia. For those of you who want to vacation in Singapore, then of course you must have a passport first. This is to make it easier for you to vacation in the country you want. Singapore is indeed a country that has very unique tourist attractions, so you should visit it, we know that Singapore is a developed country in Asia. Because it’s located so strategically close to Indonesia. And as I said before, Singapore has favorite tourism or is unique for you Indonesians.

For those of you who want to be more economical, of course you have to be clever to get your holiday going. besides hunting for flight tickets and also cheap hotel promos for you to occupy later. You also must visit the Cheapest and Biggest Tourist Places in Singapore. There are several places that you might try including:

1. Merlion Park

For those of you who are the first time to go to Singapore, you must visit the place. because in this place you can see the lion statue which is the symbol or icon of the Singapore state. This tour is located opposite the Fullerton Hotel in the Merlion Park. At the Merlion Park you can walk over the bridge which of course there are flowers that decorate the bridge.

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2.Merina Bay Sands

This tourist spot is not so far from the location of the Merlion Park, you just walk from Espanade to the Spectacular bridge that has been named The Heliy Bridge. On this tour you will see a visual effect, a laser and a 15-minute light attraction. There you will see the beauty of the Singapore country.

3.Garden By The Bay

The next tourist spot is Garden By The Bay which turns out this is a magnificent park with an area of 10 hectares. You can see a giant tree that is like covering the plant. In addition you can also ride the Supertree Groove which is charged at $ 5 per person.

4. Universal Studios Singapore

In this tourist spot there is a play with a famous film theme in Hollywood. For this place you can use the MRT train to Vivo City Mall and after that go up to Harbourfront Station. Next you take a monoral ride then get off at Waterfront Station. To enter this place, then you have to buy a ticket first. Each price does not vary depending on the age or age of the person. That was some of the Cheapest and Biggest Tourist Places in Singapore. Besides that there are still many beautiful and unique places that are suitable and worthy of your visit. later when you are on vacation in Singapore you can find the tourist attractions that you want. And of course you will feel satisfied with the tours in Singapore. However, don’t forget to prepare some things that are needed when you want to go to Singapore. For example, your passport, flight ticket and other needs. now there are many airline tickets that have cheap price promos to make it easier for you to take a vacation at the place you want. Therefore choose a plane that has the biggest promo so that you can be more efficient in terms of your trip.